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Shooter Alan Shadle
Born: January 26, 2024
7:47am 7.47lbs

In a cradle soft and warm, he lies,

A starlit spark in newborn eyes.

With tender touch and gentle coo,

Welcome, Shooter Alan, we greet you.

In tiny hands, potential blooms,

A universe of dreams and rooms.

Your name, a melody of hope,

A journey's start, a mountain slope.

In every giggle, every sigh,

In every tear and lullaby,

There's magic woven in your name,

A promise whispered to the flame.

Shooter Alan, brave and true,

May life's adventures be kind to you.

May wisdom guide your every choice,

And strength within your quiet voice.

May laughter dance upon your lips,

And love enfold your fingertips.

With every heartbeat, may you find,

The beauty in your soul, defined.

So sleep, dear Shooter, peaceful, deep,

As angels watch, their vigil keep.

For in your innocence, we see,

The wonder of all that could be.

A precious gift, this boy, so new,

Shooter Alan, we welcome you.

May your journey be bright and clear,

With love and joy throughout the year.

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